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Locations in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas

Typically requires 2500 monthly orders

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Barrett has been on the forefront of implementing new fulfillment technology and creating efficient business processes to support our customers as they have transitioned their brands toward to B2C direct-to-consumer sales channels.

We have invested millions of dollars in programming and material handling technology to optimize our Warehouse Management System (WMS) workflows to meet the increasing demands of direct-to-consumer sales, drop shipping, and omni-channel retailers.

Barrett has developed a technical core-competency in Omni-Channel Fulfillment Services, our ability to provide item, inner, piece, lot, UPC, serial number and each level pick & pack fulfillment services (B2C) as well as each inner, piece, case, or pallet ordering processing to mass retailers (B2B) within the same operational account for optimal accuracy and reporting to our customers in real-time.

Multiple Locations throughout US

Locations in Massachusetts | New Jersey | New York | Maryland | Virginia | Tennessee | Texas | California

Barrett Distribution Locations

Supporting Amazon with Barrett Fulfillment Services

You’ve worked hard to build your brand. You don’t want to sacrifice quality, service, or reliability anywhere in the fulfillment and distribution process.

With a concentrated focus on fulfillment and distribution, Barrett is well positioned to give Amazon Marketplace & Seller Fulfilled Prime merchants the speed, service, and scalability they need to deliver a positive customer experience.

Barrett is an approved Amazon Vendor Central trading partner to support our customers that utilize a mix of Amazon sales channels including Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) weekly replenishment, Marketplace Drop Shipping, and Seller Fulfilled Prime.

We provide our customers with Amazon related fulfillment and distribution support, processing thousands of Amazon related orders each month throughout our shared and dedicated warehouse network.



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